Terms and conditions

This is the translation of terms and conditions. In case of dispute, the Japanese verion is valid.

1. General rules
The operating company of Rental Mailbox SBC Japan (hereinafter referred to as "our company") and membership applicants (hereinafter referred to as "members") comply with these usage rules and laws such as the Civil Code, including the PO Box provided by our company. We shall conclude a usage contract for a group of services (hereinafter referred to as "this service"). In addition, the member agrees to change these usage rules, service contents, and fees without the consent of the contractor.

2. When to start the service
After the identity verification is completed and the payment of the monthly membership fee is confirmed, we will start providing the service to the members.

3. Identity verification
Only individuals can apply for this service. We do not accept corporate applications. We do not accept applications by proxy for individual applications. Identity verification is required to apply for this service.

4. Telephone support
When we receive a call, we name ourselves and cannot represent our memners in the phone calls.

5. Service end time and continuous update
This service shall be terminated when the contract period expires. However, as a general rule, if a member requests to continue until one week before the expiration date, the contract will be renewed.

6. Service cancellation and forced cancellation
This service can be canceled by prior notice from us or members 30 days in advance. However, no settlement money will be incurred due to cancellation.
In addition, if the member is as follows, we can forcibly cancel the contract of this service immediately.
1) There is a risk of using or performing this service for criminal acts and illegal acts.
2) You have not paid the monthly membership fee.
3) Issue violence, intimidation, blackmail, and abusive miscellaneous words to our company, our employees, other users, and third parties. Other acts that cause inconvenience or may be performed.
4) When identity verification is not possible based on the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds. Also when the member refuses it.
5) If you live or relate to North Korea or Iran
6) Foreign VIPs (persons with important public positions such as ministers and ambassadors or persons in these positions) or their families
7) In addition, when we judge that it is ineligible.

7. Changes in notifications, etc.
If there is any change in your contact information in the contract for using this service, please contact us immediately.

8. Users of this service
The users of this service shall be limited to the members themselves or their agents. As a general rule, by presenting the membership card issued by our company, we will replace the confirmation of the member himself / herself or the confirmation of the agent. We shall not be obliged to prove the delivery of mail, etc. Mail that is not in the PO Box will be considered as having already been given to the member.

9. Membership card and membership number
The membership card and membership number prove the applicant's identity. Therefore, please keep your membership card in a safe place.
If you lose your membership card, please contact us immediately. We will reissue your membership card and change the settings as a chargeable service.

10. Post office box mail and parcel delivery
Mail and parcel delivery in the PO Box will belong to the member upon arrival. However, please note that we will not be able to hand over if you have not paid our fees. If you do not come to pick up the contract within 30 days after the contract expires or cancels the contract, we can dispose of it at our discretion without obtaining the permission of the member.

11. Deposit
When using this service, you may be asked deposit with us, but if you do not contact us within 30 days after the contract period expires or cancellation, we will dispose of it at our discretion without obtaining the permission of the member. In addition, in the case of forced cancellation due to the reasons listed in 6 above, the deposit and deposit will not be returned.

12. Confidentiality
We have the utmost confidentiality obligation regarding member information. However, we will disclose member information in the event of a reporting obligation based on laws and regulations, or in the case of a request from the authorities on the premise of formal documents such as a court warrant and voluntary questioning. No other information will be disclosed.

13. Prohibitions
1) Sublease to a third party
2) Official address registration of resident's card, registration of office
3) Acts that violate or try to violate the law
4) Acts that do not fit the purpose of the course used
5) Payment of usage fee in the name of another person

14. Disclaimer
1) If the PO Box cannot be used due to a natural disaster or other force majeure not blamed by us, we will not be liable for any damages to the member.
2) We are not liable for any damages caused by a person who deceives a member due to loss of membership card, leakage of membership number, PIN, etc., to receive mail etc. using them.
3) We will not be liable for any disadvantage caused to the member due to other matters not caused by our responsibility.
4) If the member is disadvantaged due to our responsibility, the member can claim damages from us only for the normal and direct damages actually incurred, and pay for one year. The amount of damages incurred is limited to the total amount of the basic membership fee for one year. Members are obliged to prove the amount of damage. However, if the member does not comply with the terms of use or the purpose of the course of use, the member cannot claim damages.

15. Usage rules
These Terms of Use may be revised at any time at our discretion, and the revised effect shall extend to existing members. In addition, the retroactive effect shall be applied.

16. Other
Matters not listed above shall be resolved in good faith with each other based on relevant laws and regulations such as the Civil Code.